KTV EXPENDER                                   

    KTV-200ofXVXjAbM~TtϥήɡA򥻤WS󪺥\णAάOϥΤ}pCECHOAnAɭաA|yJW߽վA@BBCW߽վA+48V phantom powerKӦhӦhHʤƥ\ʪާ@uIAo?OORERLkNA]OKTV-200۱XHӦbMQM~HҪ֩w̨KҡAOrOIRO@IoLkJAANOJKJyJݭnh@ǪɭԴNLkBzAytb[cKTV-200Nܦ^ӵLΪZaFKOKTV EXPENDER^ͤFAMF{bJ^yӋxA]Ku{HbϥXR\Wө|NCHeRݭn~[@xVEΦh@xJhyjΡASꐷСAӥB]nվ㱱u@AKTV EXPENDER OFOK.iDzIۤvݸơIo˱z|FnKOp󪺧K

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  All in one mixing speaker shows no any situation of insufficient functions or poor operation when used in professional stereo system. It consists of ECHO, remore controller, sky shifting .,audio four-track mic in impendent adjustment. independent adjustment for tone quality of soprano, median and basses, and +48 phantom power, etc., all of which feature operation advantages of humanistic functionality that cannot be replayed with that of other models of products completely. It reveals the best irrefutable evidence as well since KTV-200 have been on the market and earn positive recognition by professionals. Notwithstanding, there still appears one flaw cannot hardly overcome, i.e. mic input track cannot handle appropriately when it requires more tracks thus leading KTV-200 to being unable to bring marked result when structuring system. Consequently, here comes our KTV EXPENDER as it works to solve the plight of insufficient track number for mic. It also makes engineering personnel use expending functions more conveniently. Moreover, one mixer or an extra mic multiple track amplifier was required required earlier, while tone quality was not easily adjusted and controlled. You may ask, "What is KTV EXPENDER?" Well, just review understanding of it andenable you to think "How wonderful it is!"

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PKTV-200tsu(9PIN T^YA7Hu)





KJ MIC 0.5mv-100mv/2k[  4.5mv/3.5k[

J        G    10Hz~25KHzA+0/-3dB

JCG    10dB(100Hz)

            G     4dB(1KHz)

@            G    10dB(10KHz)


q () WeightG4kg