SPECIFICATIONS / W          ؿU pk10ţţ      
KJ        Input impedance: Balanced 44K[
KX          Out impedance: Balanced 200[
̤jKJq   Max input level: +20dBu
Wq              Gain control: - to +10dB
uv                        THD+N: <0.003%@100Hz-10kHz
WvTR  Frequency response: 10Hz-45kHz +/-1.0dB
q                      Power A.C.: 110/220V, switch able
ؤo       Dimensions (HWD): 4548273mm
q                            Weight: 2.3kg

ZM-410 t


           Thank you for purchasing the KING STAGE ZM410 Zone Distribution Mixer. We are sure that you will find this equipment to be the finest product of its kind in the price manual before setting up to operation.    The ZM410 Zone Distribution Mixer designed with high quality ICs, to provide outstanding signal to noise, THD, and frequency response. One of this product features is that it can be used as a distributor or as a mixer. It has two line inputs, from either line. When button Mono is normal position, signal from Line 1 Channel L and Line 2 Channel can be mixed and distributed to the outputs of 5 Zones. The same function happens to Channel R.
     When button Mono is pressed it Line1(R&L) signal and Line 2(R&L) signal are mixed altogether and providing mono signal to output of each correspondent zone. Each channel output level can be controlled by its corresponding potentiometer.
     The low impedance the ZM410 Zone Distribution Mixer allows long cable runs, and capacitive loads to be driven, without the bear of signal loss, instability, or frequency response roll off.
     Frond panel status LED are provided on the unit to indicated operation mode, power supply and line source condition. The unit is supplied in a standard 1U, 19" rack format.