ST-210B/ST-220B/ST220W/ST-220LB(Y})  @zT}߬[     z߬[iU



   ST-220W/B    @260cm      qG7kg

   ST-220LB      @260cm        qG7kg

   ST-210B        @245cm      qG7kg






     This is the first of such kind in market as well as the only one triangular stand of speaker using rotary table of gear to drive the lifting. It features a high durability (the method to use steel rope for lifting may brings a concern that when the rope will be broken) with its weight at 7 kg only, while its three feet are made from iron tube with its major shaft to be made from aluminum tube and gear to be aluminum tube. When span of the three feet is at 155 cm, the hight can be lifted to 260cm. that makes it even being able to be served as lighting stand .when load is at the lowest point, it can reach 50kg (the highest point to be 20kg). This triangular stand can bring solutions to your problems you confront in some performance venues.


  ST-220W (AȦ)

  ST-210B (u,¦)

ST-220B (A¦)




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